Terraria (PvP Mediumcore) server hosted by: Monkworks

Premises: Player Player, Team v Team, Base building, trap building.
The world is open for experimenting with pvp and team pvp. Mediumcore characters. Base defense building. Trap building. Hording treasure. Trading. Looking for a fare group of players who can enjoy pvp but understand the balance community and need to build up some holdings to be competitive.


Were having a tournament

PVP (Player vs Player) local characters only; 24 hour server reoccurring event.. The server will resets every twenty Four Hours ( based on announcement).
Three stages; Three periods of play each eight hours long. (24 hours)

The build up, The Middle Game, End Game. All periods will be separately password protected during each four segments.

1- "The build up." The registered players have eight hours time to build up their base, equipment… this is a none PVP period enforced.
2- "The Middle Game." PVP is now open. However , base destruction or stealing is disallowed.
3- "End Game." The only rules for eight hours are local characters only. stealing, destroying rivals bases, full PVP all a go and encouraged.

Gold plate a development stage for fledgling characters. Raising the competitive banner with a robust middle game designed to opening up PVP in a defined and scheduled manner .
An End game that encourages team or PVP combat with no limits except for local characters only. Base construction defense. Team building. Roll-playing and PVP or Trade.

Character creation rules.
This will be a PVP event.Characters will be generated locally.
You can not bring a character from another location (server) to this world.
You cannot bring gear from another world (server) to this server (world).
You cannot open a Piggy Bank from a none local character on this server.
Cheating is off automatically. However, policing of cheating will be conducted regularly.

Naming convention and sign-up

We have a naming convention in place for each tournament you must register a character name here:


Post in the forum what name you want to use and a number will be given to you there.

Once you have registered a name you will be assigned a number. for example: If I register Monk : I would be given a number (_T12)and you must make your character name and number attached like this : monk_T12

Each name and number will be recorded. Any none registered names entering the server and we will ip ban.

There will be a limit of 14 players

Segmented passwords
There are three stages. A password will be give out for each stage. You must register and have a tournament number to get the password.

10/29/11 945pm est is the start time ( tonight!)


1-Make a Mediumcore character.Set your self to pvp on enter.
2-You must make a new character.Cannot bring in any other characters that was not created on this server.
3-N0 Cheating it's off (secure=1)
3-Anything goes. Build a base protect it. Steal off of other players. Set traps… what ever…

If any of these conditions are not met your character will be subject to deletion and or server ban.

Server information

LogMeIn Hamachi
Network name: DEATH_WORLD
Network password: 321

Game World

(No password at this time)

Steamworks Group:
Admin: moc.liamg|krownom#moc.liamg|krownom

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PVP guide:

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